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Design and Installation of Septic Systems

If you require a new or improved septic system for your property, contact the professionals at Save-On Septic Services. We have 55 years of combined experience designing and installing septic systems on Vancouver Island. The implementation of a proper wastewater solution requires detailed assessments, experienced design expertise, the best heavy equipment and most importantly, a reliable team that is accountable to you.

The Right Skills

Save-On Septic Services provides a comprehensive range of skills. From our initial assessment (permeameter tests, establishing breakout points, well locations, etc.) to the final cleanup of the job site upon installation, we implement the best course of action to achieve trouble-free drainage, superior on-site sewage management and a great result. Our design team can help you strategize your next move.

Septic tanks

The Right Equipment

We have the equipment and tools to make sure each job we take on is handled with efficiency for maximum cost-effectiveness. Our fleet includes:

  • Excavators of all sizes
  • Dump trucks and transport trailers
  • Track machines and Bobcats
  • Long range high-definition pipe cameras and locators 
  • High power hydro-jetter for flushing pipes and removing blockages
  • Fully-equipped service vans ready for all kinds of wastewater problems
  • Electrical testing equipment

In addition, Save-On Septic Services has hydro excavation equipment that allows us to easily cut through soil permitting the removal of ground debris in a safe, accurate and efficient manner. This non-destructive method is the preferred digging process for utility providers everywhere.

If you have any questions about the scope of services we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team Call 250-474-7867.

Real estate inspections

For added peace of mind, give us a call before you buy that property

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